Thursday, May 25, 2006

i <3 Sweden

So don’t get me wrong here, I love Sweden and most of the Swedes that live there. I would move back there in a second. So I compiled a list of the best things in Sweden so I don’t seem too one sided here.

The bread (like no other bread you have ever tasted- 1 slice is a meal in itself)

IKEA (yes, every home in Sweden looks like it was furnished at IKEA, except the northern Swedes that live in tents or igloos or something)


Lingonberries (these are best on cheese + crackers)

Dahls (best coffee shop/bakery ever)

Pearl sugar

Everything made with elderflower

True environmentalism backed by the government

The most efficient tram system I have ever seen

Swedish pancakes

Cheap cheese

Marabou Hazelnut Chocolate


Equality of women

Everyone drives a new car

When people talk to strangers they are either mentally insane or American

My 15 year old brother can kick the ass of any Swedish thug

Americans are cool


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous twit said...

I enjoyed your previous "Lagom" post -quite incisive. I also like the fact that you're showing another perspective with this post but here's a few points I want to make:

"True environmentalism backed by the government" & "Everyone drives a new car" - seem a little at-odds to me.

"When people talk to strangers they are either mentally insane or American" -How is that a good thing?

& to be completely honest, anyone who thinks "Americans are cool" must have a serious intelligence deficit.


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